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IMPORTANT: Comparing the FREE TPT seller data tools on this website is “really nothing like what Your Data Playbook provides and it’s really not a good comparison to make.”

This website is NOT associated with Your Data Playbook (YDP)

We are not associated with Your Data Playbook (YDP)

Your FREE Data Playbook is NOT associated with Your Data Playbook.

Full Disclosure: I (Mike Fuchigami) have not used Your Data Playbook (YDP), yet. (Their automated collection of your TPT sales data looks awesome.) All of my information about their service comes from primary sources (i.e. their website,) or secondary sources (i.e. other TPT sellers, comments made by TPT Sellers who use Your Data Playbook, blog posts made by TPT sellers that may contain affiliate links that earn them a small commission for their honest review, etc)

Your Data Playbook looks awesome

Beth and Jarrett do a lot for the TPT Community (image from their website). They’ve presented at a few TPT Forwards, if you’ve been fortunate enough to go to the TPT conference.

According to the Your Data Playbook website, they charge $52 to $649 per month for their service or annually, $492 ($41×12) to $5988 ($499×12)

We [Your Data Playbook] are combining 3 things: Automation+ Visual Analytics + Data Coaching/Enablement to unlock the value of data to make it work for you

Source: Your Data Playbook sales page, checked on

Their website looks awesome.

When you become a member of YDP, you get access to a “Member Only Facebook Group” filled with other TPT Sellers who have enough money to purchase the YDP membership.

(In other word, if you can “pay-to-play”, then this seems like a great group of TPT sellers to learn from and share ideas with! It’s an exclusive TPT seller community with some raving fans!)

However, Your Data Playbook is not for TPT sellers just starting out.

According to REDACTED who left this comment on the “Teachers Pay Teachers: Get More Sales – Focus on What Works! (Your FREE data playbook” (SEOTpreneur YouTube Episode 3):

It’s [Your Data Playbook] not for sellers just starting out, and they’re clear about that on their landing page.

Source: SEOTpreneur YouTube Episode 3, checked on October 15, 2023
Source: SEOTpreneur YouTube Episode 3, checked on October 15, 2023

You can check out [their] video Is Your Data Playbook Right For Your TPT Business posted on [their] channel – if you’re interested in YDP, please consider using the affiliate link on [their] YouTube video.

The /a/ in [their] link to Your Data Playbook looks like it might be an affiliate link. Earning commissions through honest referrals of products we love is a great side hustle!

Source: YouTube, checked on October 15, 2023

Why choose the name, Your FREE Data Playbook, instead of a different name?

Great question.

First of all “Your Data Playbook” does not appear to be a registered US trademark when I search on the US Patent and Trademark TESS search system.

Does copyright apply?

Under the fair use doctrine of the U.S. copyright statute, it is permissible to use limited portions of a work including quotes, for purposes such as commentary, criticism, news reporting, and scholarly reports. 

Source: US Copyright Office – Fair Use FAQ

The reason why I chose Your FREE Data Playbook is to make a comment (commentary) about the data tools that the average TPT seller has access to.

The TPT Seller Dashboard is “good enough” for beginner TPT sellers to know how their TPT business is doing.

But, there are specific questions that we can’t get answers to from the TPT Seller dashboard (but we can figure out from the CSV data that we can download from TPT.)

  • For example, which countries do we sell the most TPT products to?
  • Are there any trends in teacher buyer locations? (For example, is niching down to my state / province working?)
  • What percentage of teachers who look at my TPT product page look at the product preview?
  • How does the conversion rate of my TPT product compare before a certain date and after a certain date? (i.e. if you wanted to see if the conversion rate of your TPT product after you tried something new in your TPT product description.)

This means, third-parties like Your Data Playbook or SEOT Mindset have a business opportunity (or moral obligation) to provide solutions that fill the gap. (More information about this perspective is coming soon!)

Please note: there is some data that TPT does not currently provide on their TPT seller dashboard and that we cannot infer from the data currently provided by the CSV files.

For example,

  • Which keywords did people search on TPT before landing on my TPT product page.
  • What percentage of traffic on my TPT product comes from organic search (i.e. google)
  • Which sales are a result of TPT ads? (The TPT ads data is broken and reports all sales of that product on the date of the TPT ad, and not just sales directly as a result of people clicking the TPT ad.)

I love TPT.

I don’t know Beth and Jarrett, but I think they’re doing an awesome job helping TPT sellers (TPT hamsters, TPT hawks, and TPT whales) who have money and can access their resources.

But, if you can’t afford $492 (or $5988) per year, how can those TPT sellers make better informed business decisions?

The best solution would be for TPT to upgrade the metrics that all TPT sellers have access to in our TPT dashboards.

The band-aid solution (ie., this website) is to help TPT sellers learn how to analyze their own data by providing Do It Yourself data analysis tools.

(This solution is more affordable, but it only works if 1) you have the time, and 2) you can understand on your own how to use the free TPT Seller data tools. In other words, this free solution won’t work for everyone.)

Are you competing with Your Data Playbook?

It’s not my intention for Your Free Data Playbook to compete with Your Data Playbook.

That’s like asking if an ant is competing with an elephant. Does the elephant even notice the ant?

I think we’re dealing with two separate markets, entirely.

If a TPT Seller can afford Your Data Playbook, you should definitely check them out.

  • They’ve figured out a way to automate access to TPT to securely download your TPT seller data. (Manually downloading data is a pain.)
  • Your Data Playbook looks like they’ve created “easy to understand” visuals to help you know what to work on.
  • They have coaching sessions with Jarrett to help you understand the data. You’re not just left with a bunch of numbers you don’t understand.

If you can’t afford Your Data Playbook and you want a Do-It-Yourself approach to answer questions that the TPT Seller Dashboard doesn’t directly answer…

Consider trying the Google Sheet tools on this website.

  • You’ll have to manually download data and paste it into Google Sheets.
  • You’ll have to watch a tutorial video to see how to the google sheet. There are no easy to use visuals yet.
  • You’re on your own. I can’t provide free support.

Critical Thinking 101: How do TPT Sellers make money from other TPT Sellers?

Every TPT Seller who has a course, youtube channel, facebook group, website, email list, product or service to help other TPT Sellers is selling you something. (Myself included!)

Everyone who presents at a TPT conference or TPT unconference and provides free information to the TPT seller community is also selling you something.

High-quality freebies are important. (You should have them on your TPT store, too!)

Awesome freebies help establish trust, expertise, experience and authority in a certain content area (i.e. selling on TPT.) They warm your audience up. Eventually, if we can provide so much value, you’d be crazy not to buy what we’re offering.

As much as we’d like to, no one can offer everything for free. That’s not a sustainable business model. Eventually, “TPT gurus” have to find a way to monetize our free content. We can’t feed our families on goodwill if this is our only source of income.

So free TPT Seller content needs to inevitably lead to a funnel.

(The same way your TPT blog leads to high quality freebies in exchange for your email which leads you to a series of emails where you build trust, and then one day, you pitch your product or bundles – maybe during a TPT sale!)

How does Your FREE Data Playbook make money?

The current goal is to

  • provide free TPT Seller Data Analysis tools (using Google Sheets) to the TPT Seller community on this website.
  • make a simple screen recording video showing everyone how to use the Google Sheets tools.

Unfortunately, I don’t have the time to offer free support.

1. Paid Support (Forum)

If you get stuck setting up (or using) the Google Sheet, you should become an SEOTpreneur PRO member ($10 per month; free 7 day trial)

  • You can ask specific questions in this private forum. I’ll make a loom video screen recording showing the answer using my data.
  • You can see other questions that TPT sellers have asked about this Google Sheet tool (and the screen recording answer.)
  • You get access to all of the Zoom Homework Club meetings. Note: this google sheet was created during one of our Zoom Homework Club meetings (Episode 34: Sat Oct 14, 2023).
  • Come out to the weekly Zoom Homework Club meetings and talk with other TPT Sellers like you. (Selling on TPT is incredibly isolating. We work alone at our computers. There’s no staffroom to pop into. Hands down, the Saturday HW Club meetings is a highlight of my week.)

Several SEOTpreneur PRO members have just passed the three digit mark (per month) which is a huge milestone!

Other SEOTpreneur PRO members are working towards four digits per month.

Some TPT Sellers that I work with now consistently make more than me.

2. Superior SEO WordPress Webhosting for TPT Sellers

Data is half the battle.

You can do everything right with TPT SEO and still not beat the top-selling TPT products that have been around forever.

What then?

You need to be so good, they can’t say no.

Eventually you’re going to realize you need a TPT blog on your domain name.

Your TPT blog helps you to build authority, experience, expertise and trust.

When teachers know, like, and trust you, then they buy from you and your TPT business.

The TPT blog strategy is

  • write content and do specific things to improve your chances of ranking higher on Google,
  • get organic search traffic from teachers searching for your topic,
  • get them on your website,
  • give freebies to sign them up to your email list,
  • send teachers to your TPT product page.

(This is a long game, but then, you knew that. Selling on TPT is NOT a get-rich quick scheme.)

Bottom line: eventually, you’re going to need a TPT blog.

(Or, eventually you’re going to need help understanding why SEOT hosting gives us an unfair advantage over Bluehost, Siteground, Wix, and the others.)

How to start a TPT Seller Blog without all the hassle

Side note: Yes, you could optimize your TPT product for both TPT search and Google search, but why would you?

  • Optimizing for TPT search is not the same as optimizing for Google search.
  • Plus, I would rather have my TPT blog show up higher in Google search than my TPT product page.
  • Why? If they land on the TPT product page, there are other sellers competing for attention.
  • If they land on my TPT blog, I can start to build trust and steer them towards the email newsletter.
  • Also, you pretty much have ZERO on-page Google SEO optimization that you can do in the TPT editor. On the other hand, with SEOT hosting, you have an unfair advantage to a bunch more SEO settings.

Google is the number one search engine in the world. Where do you rank?

About SEOT Mindset Inc

SEOT Mindset Inc is on a mission to help people get better. We do this by creating social-emotional learning resource for teachers to use with students. We also create high quality, affordable tools to help teachers become teacherpreneurs. 

Selling teaching resources on TPT is an awesome 21st century learning task for teachers. It helps us develop self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, relationship skills and responsible decision making (SEL competencies; the CASEL 5) as we work on our individual TPT journeys toward financial freedom. 

At SEOT Mindset, we believe teacherpreneurs who develop SEL competencies by working on their TPT stores are building transferable skills which will naturally become part of the teachable moments in their classrooms. Active Citizenship, Critical Thinking, and Courageous Conversations are key to making the world a better place.

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